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iWorkSpace is a unique product which is work on the concept of the “Application on Rent” where in the customer never has to buy the Product he just has to pay services charges for using the application.

iWorkSpace is a collections of Business tools from which company can pick only the tools that are necessary for their business process and only pay for it the tools they pick

iWorkSpace is a unique Business enabler that could be visually configured as per that standard business rules without much difficulty

iWorkSpace is all the above with hosted application with redundant interfaces (Desktop, Browser, Mobile) with options for offline and online communication for unreliable connected environment.
Features & Unique Features :
  • Internet Based Hosted Application
  • Very small Footprint
  • Wizard Based Module Configuration
  • Wizard Based Integration of the Module Configuration
  • Play-card based Handheld Training
  • Data on Customer’s Infrastructure
  • Encrypted Disaster Recovery
  • Platform Independent
  • Pluggable custom Granules
  • Visual custom report creator
  • Localization for UI and Reports
  • Location of Business Rules

Technological Summary :
The Application is designed on Proprietary frame work on the concept of “application on rent”. The advanced technical advantage and our innovative proven framework for best application development will be used innovatively in making this product.

The whole application has been developed with independently configurable Layered approach so that to have functional and technological clarity. High scalability (distributed), Fail-over management and front-end independent business layer are the three fundamental approaches for our unique framework that makes it stand differently from any other competitive product in the market. We are proposing to providing all these high-end architecture implementations in our ‘Application on Rent’ concept at a very affordable cost.

Work Spear:
iWorkSpace is a space of spears, which collaborate with each others in providing a distributed-integrated business application composed of spears. These spears interconnect to achieve the overall functionality of the business. These spears are made of ‘Granules’, which are the elements of the spears, that constitutes to the overall functionality of the spear. The granules are classified as logic carries which consists of business rules and data. These granules collaborate to form a functional spear. When required additional granules can be added to the application without altering the existing granules to extend or customize the system functionality.

The functional layers which are called ‘spears’ are based on a proven framework which contains automated/semi-automated libraries built using .net framework (3.5) which are the fundamental components of our development environment. These fundamental elements are used in building the ‘spears’. Each spear represents key business functionality and together these spears collaborate the overall logical functionality for a given business. An enterprise can have the options of choosing these spears as per their business process, configure them as required and integrated these spears to achieve overall functionality they desire.

Different business verticals can select different spears, which are specialized for these verticals. All the spears can be interlinked and configured using ‘visual configuration tools'.


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