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One of today’s challenges is finding a product that recognizes that there are ‘real world’ problems existing in the Information Technology sector. One of those known problems is different things exist in different environments.

So when it comes to databases, an organization might have many flavors in use; Oracle, SAP, SAS, SQL, INFOMIX and DB2 in order to meet their individual business needs. On the other hand another organization might decide to use totally different technologies to address its needs. However it may be necessary to access both organizations’ data at the same time. Now we come to ‘real world’ problems. How do I know, where and what I am looking for and how do I access it?
InfoPlex Answers it :
  • InfoPlex has the ability to connect to multiple databases regardless of the vendor or location and make that data available for the operator.
  • InfoPlex allows simultaneous searching on multiple DB’s.
  • InfoPlex also provides the operators with a range of advanced searching capabilities at a click of a button.
  • Once configured and connected to the required databases, the operator has the ability to search these databases with the help of DATASPACE’s enterprise searching capabilities like ‘Drill Down’, ‘AND’, ‘OR’, and ‘EXCLUDE’ options.
  • This solution allows for keeping the original databases unchanged and providing the answers (intermediate repositories avoided).
  • InfoPlex allows the embedding of Business Rules for searching.
  • Additional operator supported columns can be added to represent composite data.
  • Utilities are available to map results to Business Objects in external applications.
  • Search process and results can be integrated with workflows.
  • InfoPlex deals with all the inbuilt security protocols of each system at source
Currently InfoPlex supports a number of database technologies including major systems such as SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Informix, MaxDB (SAP-DB), Sybase… If we have not created a hook for a particular technology then it is not because we can’t it is just we simply not configured it yet.

InfoFlex is a tool for you if your establishment has its Multiple Databases over multiple applications and need to devise a system that culminates these Databases or systems or Application and creates a Single Virtual Database with Virtual Relationships.


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