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Object Banker:
Object Banker is a total banking solution developed using the most powerful programming tool and the advanced Object Oriented Technology. This tool is easy-to-use, easy-to-extend and easy-to-maintain. All the care is taken to ensure the easy usage of software and error free solution.

Object Banker is tested and proven system for banking applications. It contains robust and easy-to-use features, which help the bank, staff to easily use the system and get maximum throughput. Investing in this software will help the bank in getting the returns on their investment easily. The Object Banker software can be modified and customized as required by the bank for its requirements. Object Banker uses OLE and DDE concepts which can be used to integrate the system with the external applications like MS-Office which will help the bank staff in exporting data to the external files which can be ported to Document files and Graphical analysis files.

  • Saving and Current Account Module
  • Deposit Module
  • Cash Module
  • Bills & Clearing Module
  • OD & CC Module
  • Loans Module
  • Safe Deposit Lockers Module
  • Foreign Exchange Module
  • Maintenance Module
    • Assets and liabilities
    • Reconciliation
    • P & L and Balance Sheet management.


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