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Virtuous NMS:
Virtuous NMS is a complete and comprehensive Network Monitoring/Management Solution to Bridge the gap between Field Operations that enable various equipment and communication towers that are spread out over vast regions and the Management who hold the onus of their wellbeing.

The key components of Virtuous NMS are

Complete/Live Data Reporting and Management:
  • Periodic Data from various devices
  • Power Management Unit
  • DC Energy Meter
  • Sequential DG
  • AC Energy Meter
  • Dual Channel AC Energy Meter
  • DC Power Plant
  • Battery
  • Fuel Sensor
    • Fuel Efficiency Management
    • Fuel Inventory/Reconciliation
Fault Reporting and Management
Complete Remote Configuration
Remote Update (DOTA)
Live Connectivity
  • Embedded GPRS Enabled Arm 9 solution
  • Dedicated Portal for review & management
  • GPRS Integrated
  • Collect data from Remote Device
  • SMS Integrated
  • Send Config’ Parameters to Remote Device
  • Send SMS to the Tower of Control during Critical Alarams
  • Collecting Faults when they occur
  • Instant reporting to Field Level Persons
  • Automatic Action Assignment and Corrective measures
  • Configuring
  • Change Tolerance limits using SMS
  • Fault Details
  • Recurring Faults
  • Investigation of fault information
Highly Secure:
  • All Communication are Secured
  • Updates to remote device using validated phone numbers or web servers
  • 128-bit security/encryption
  • Restricted Portal access
  • Only to selected users based on Role
  • Bi-directional SMS communication
  • Only to authorized numbers
Virtuous Includes:
  • NMS Client - Any Web Browser with Flash Plug-in enabled.
  • NMS Server - IIS Based Web server on a Quad Core dual processor system with 16 GB RAM.
  • Data Server - My SQL Database, Text Data Store with Quad Core Dual processor with 4 GB RAM.
  • Socket Server - Quad Core Dual processor with 4 GB RAM Data collection server.
  • Device CPU - WaveCom Q26 or equivalent integrated with Energy Meters (DC/AC/Dual Channel AC), PMU, DC Power Plant, Fuel Sensor


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