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Data Space:
Data Space is a global enterprise solution that provides the facility to interrogate and organise Information with content management and business process integration instantly on a scale and speed not ever seen before. At is core Data Space supports five key data features; document data searching (200 formats), email searching with attachments, database searching, web site searching and ftp site searching in 60 languages. Data Space not only is able present and interrogate all this data at the same time, but it can also do this simultaneously across all data types and languages. At Data Space Centers is the Universal Data Adaptor, this interface is unique in that it delivers point and go functionality directly to the operator. Once the Universal Data Adaptor has been pointed at a target data source or database it deconstructs data and reconstructed it in a common format. This is all done without affecting the original data in any way shape or form.
Data Space deals automatically with the existing security model of any target data source, therefore ensuring that any data that is presented in Data Space remains completely secured so an operator can only see what the operator is allowed to see.

Data Space has been designed as SOAP based Distributed application. This enables data to be accessed across distributed sites, systems and services globally, and then correlating the results displayed back to one unit instantly. This enables faster and easier searching; enhancing the flexibility of the application deployment.
Data Space is a tool for you if you have large distributed data on several formats over which your vital decision making depends by reaping the benefits in the form of
  • Quick interrogation and search organization, enabling the operator to get access to information.
  • Share the findings
  • Enables Operator to add meta-comment on the content for Decision support hierarchy
  • Rich tool set for organizing and presenting information


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